Promoting innovation in the Adriatic Region

Final Conference

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The final conference of Pacinno project:

how cooperation can bring innovation

in the Adriatic Area

When: September 27th - 28th 

Where: Great Hall – University of Trieste


Innovation policies

Technology transfer​

Innovation requires adequate support from policy makers, especially in developing regions as many of the Adriatic countries are. Which policies could work better for these Countries? What the best practices already applied? International experts also from the European Union will debate the subject in the round table What Innovation policies for the Adriatic Region?

Start-ups are the cornerstone of every economy that aims to continuously renovate itself. However, a consistent part of the Adriatic area is characterized by a peculiar unsupportive environment. How to deal with such situation? How to nurture entrepreneurship in an arid field? Venture capitalist, accelerators and experts will provide their opinions in the round table High Tech and Science-Based entrepreneurship in the Adriatic Region: can it work?

What’s the role of Technology Transfer (TT) and Academic research in today’s competitive scenario? Are Adriatic institutions ready for the challenges posed by continuous innovation and the pervasiveness of digital technologies? A panel of experts will discuss these and additional topics in the round table Valorizing Academic Research in the Adriatic area: TT and beyond.

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